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Welcome to Humak

Humak UAS in a nutshell.

Humak University of Applied Sciences is a national, network-based University of Applied Sciences. Humak UAS operates all over Finland. In its own fields – humanities and education, and cultural management – Humak UAS is the leading educator and expert. Humak UAS employs 150 people and has about 1500 students.

At Humak UAS, you can study community education, cultural management, and interpretation (sign language). Community education covers studies in youth work, NGO-work and in adventure and outdoor education.

Humak UAS has four regional units, where you can study the following degrees:

  • The capital region, which entails the Nurmijärvi campus (community educator), the Kauniainen campus (cultural management), and the RDI-centre in Helsinki (interpretation).
  • Jyväskylä (community educator and cultural management)
  • Kuopio (community educator and interpretation)
  • Turku (community educator and cultural management)

Registering for the academic year

For each academic year, students studying in a degree programme must register accordingly as either attending or non-attending. There are two periods for registration during each academic year.

Students are informed about the registration period in Humak UAS’s intranet, where students can also find instructions on how to complete their registration.

For the first academic year, new students can only register as non-attending for the following reasons:


Confirming the offered study place ( and OILI-service)

Please see for instructions on how to confirm your study place.

Bachelor’s degree in Adventure and Outdoor Education (Bachelor of Humanities)

  • The contact teaching for the academic year begins: 2 September 2019, 9.15–16.00 in the classroom C200, Nurmijärvi campus, Kotorannantie 49, 05250 KILJAVA.
  • The length of contact teaching sessions: The contact teaching sessions will begin at 9.15 every day and end by 16.00
  • The timetables and schedules for teaching will be handed out on the first contact teaching session. The timetables and group calendars can be found from  by searching with the group id amkYSp_s19_PKS
  • Original degree certificate: To your first contact teaching session, please make sure to bring your original degree certificate of your secondary education (the education that has given you eligibility to apply to University of Applied Sciences and which you have stated in when filling out the application form). If the student has given faulty information, the student place can be cancelled. The admission decision is conditional until all relevant original certificates have been checked.
  • Contact information: principal lecturer Anita Saaranen-Kauppinen, +358 (0)29 451 9224,
  • Study affairs office +358 (0)29 451 9253 (the phone service is open Mon–Thu 9–11 and 13–15).

Information about the Nurmijärvi campus

Getting to the campus: The Nurmijärvi campus is located in Kiljava, about 50 kilometres north of Helsinki and about 20 kilometres south-west of Hyvinkää.

When arriving from Helsinki by car, take the route E12 towards Hämeenlinna and exit at the Nurmijärvi junction. Drive past Nurmijärvi to Rajamäki and turn left at the Rajamäki intersection. Drive for about 5 kilometres until you reach the campus. Alternatively, you can take the route E12 towards Hämeenlinna and exit at the Klaukkala junction, drive through Klaukkala and Röykkää and turn right at the intersection passing the railway. Drive for about 5 kilometres until you reach the campus. When arriving from north, take the route E12 Rajamäki. Turn right from the Rajamäki intersection and drive for about 5 kilometres until you reach the campus. Once you reach the Kiljava institute there are signposts guiding you to the campus.

You can also take the bus from Helsinki or from Hyvinkää: please see for timetables and further information.

Tutors on campus: Tutors are more advanced students who will help you get started with your studies. Please see the tutors’ welcome letter You can also find tutors in Nurmijärvi on Instagram @nurtsintutorit

Accommodation: Accommodation for students on-campus is offered by Kiljavanranta Oy. Please see for more information.

Canteen: Students can dine at the on-campus canteen every day at a government subsidized student price.

For more information about students’ right to register as non-attending, please see Registering as non-attending.

Should the student fail to register for the academic year in the given time period, he or she will lose their study right at Humak UAS. Students who have lost their study right due to failing to register can apply for their study right to be revoked. The fee for processing the application is 50 €.

General information for all new students

Student meal subsidy

Higher education students are entitled to a discount in restaurants which participate in the Kela meal subsidy programme. The meal subsidy is directly allocated to the restaurant, which will then discount the price of student meals. To get the student discount, the student must present either a valid student ID card issued by SAMOK (the student union for UAS students) or SYL (the national student union for university students), or a valid meal subsidy card issued by Kela. The student can also get the student discount by paying for the meal with the Lyyra payment sticker. Study affairs secretaries will hand out the Kela meal subsidy cards for all new students on the first contact teaching session. 

More information about the meal subsidy can be found from

Financing your studies

Student study certificate

Recognizing and acknowledging previously acquired competence

Recognizing and acknowledging previously acquired competence means that the student is able to apply for credit transfer on the grounds of previously acquired competence. The student is able to apply for the credit transfer regardless of how the competence has been acquired. Courses, or parts of courses, can be credited on the grounds of previously completed tertiary level courses, or the previously completed tertiary level courses can be included in the degree if the courses do not match the ones in the curriculum. The credit transfers and inclusion of courses is always decided by the lecturer in charge of the course or by the student’s guiding lecturer.

Note that credit transfers or inclusions cannot be applied on the grounds of the degree which has given the student the eligibility to apply to the degree programme.

IT information

At the beginning of their studies, new students will receive a license to download Office 365 Pro Plus onto five devices.